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Hira building Generator

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This is a generator that allows you to create easy, fun, yet complex architectural structures made with blender geometry nodes.


To use, blender must be installed.

Only for blender 4.0 or later


1) Replaces simple mesh objects with building models.

(2) Buildings are created using assets created with mesh objects.

 Users can create their own assets, allowing them to create a variety of buildings with their own ingenuity.

The included assets and preset data can also be used for your own content.

Include assets:

  •  Modern European style
  •  Japanese temple style
  •  Modern architecture style

 (Copyrights are not waived. Users cannot claim exclusivity or copyright on the assets.)

(3) Various functions

  •  Automatic and manual generation of sloped and flat roofs
  •  automatic generation of arch
  •  Random object placement on walls, etc.
  •  Replacement of asset objects using materials
  •  Ability to adjust module size


(4) Detailed instruction guide included in pdf format

(5)Update:Include Interior generator Utilities

I am pleased to announce that we have updated "Hira Building Generator" and, lo and behold, it now allows you to create interior spaces as well as exterior views!

(5)Update:Included Sidewalk Generator as special feature


  • This node is designed to be usable even if you are not familiar with blender, but it does not explain the very basic operations of blender.
  • We hope you will understand this before purchasing the node.
  • We plan to modify the node contents as needed, but please understand that this is a node developed by an individual and that it is incomplete.
  • For personal use, no contact is necessary for commercial or non-commercial use, but we would be very happy if you could report us your use of the node.
  • For commercial use by a company, please let us know. If you use the work for commercial purposes, we will ask you to give credit to the work.

Terms and Conditions

If you are making a purchase, you agree to the following

The purchaser and user are authorized to:

  • Use (whether commercial or non-commercial) of the 3D model resulting from the output of the geometry node(hereinafter referred to as "the node") included in this distribution data.(However, this permission excludes works and content that fall under the examples listed in the conditions of non-permission.)
  • Distribution, sale, etc., of parts asset data of your own made for use in this node
  • Use of the included building parts asset data for self-made contents

Purchasers and users are not permitted to

  • Use in works or content that encourages discrimination, acts of violence, or attacks beyond reasonable criticism against real people, groups, nations, or specific attributes of human beings
  • Asserting exclusive rights or copyrights to this node itself, or to the included building part asset data or example data(This does not apply to the output result data or self-made asset data.)
  • Incorporation of this node, included building part asset data, and example data into NFT contents
  • Redistribution or resale of this node itself
  • Redistribution and resale of geometry nodes that have been partially modified from this node


11/15/2023 Various updates

  • Removed the limit on the number of wall surfaces.
  • Improved stair generator
  • UV correction function for assets
  • UI improvements
  • Improved arch generator
  • Revision of the entire instruction manual


The supported version was changed to 4.0 or later accordingly.

*Previous data is in

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Hira building Generator

10 ratings
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